Texas Photonics, Inc. (TPI) Engineering staff develops products for both high reliability and commercial markets. TPI uses our customers ideas and customizes devices to meet the diverse requirements that our customers have and we incorporate opto-electronic components and assemblies in the designs as required.

TPI Engineering personnel have over 20 years proven experience in the design and manufacture of opto-electronic components and assemblies, for military, space, industrial and commercial applications.

The TPI Engineering staff have developed products as diverse as -
Quadrant detectors for Laser Guided Weapons
Multi-Wavelength Detector Arrays
Optical Character Recognition devices
Bar Code Readers
Blood Oximetry and Urinalysis Detectors and Emitters
Light Pens for Military CRT applications
Custom LED Displays for use in Laser Ranger Finders
Custom LED and LED Display visual indicators.

The TPI Engineering Staff pride themselves on taking on complex opto-electronic problems and providing a low cost, high reliability engineered solution to solve our customers requirements.
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