Texas Photonics, Inc. (TPI) offers high reliability
opto-electronic components and assemblies
manufactured to industry best practices and
supplied screened to the following military
standards and specifications.


TPI has also used MIL-PRF-38534 requirements as a guideline to manufacture, screen and test our products.

TPI can also manufacture devices and perform acceptance testing to our customers requirements, as specified by our customers drawing(s). TPI routinely performs Fine Leak, Gross Leak, Constant Acceleration, Burn-In, HTRB, Temperature Cycling and specialized electrical and environmental testing on devices that we supply.

All device acceptance testing is performed utilizing calibrated test equipment, traceable to NIST Standards. TPI will supply test data and/or Certificates of Conformance for the devices that we manufacture when requested by contract or purchase order. TPI also monitors the quality of devices that we manufacture, using SPC, or other accepted methods of inspection, as applicable, to ensure that we are supplying the highest quality products to our customers.

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